Refund & Return

Refund & Return

Buyer Protection period allows you to get full refund if:
You claim not to have received your item(s) Check more details below
Full or partial refund if the items are not as described:
You can accept a partial refund and then keep the item(s).

You can return the item(s) for a full refund

How does  protect you?

Contact the Seller

If you have not received your order on time, or the order is not as described, please contact the seller.

Open a dispute to submit your proposal

If the problem you are experiencing does not get solved by the seller, you can refer to  Return and Refund Policy on how to submit a dispute.

Notice for Returning

What should I pay attention to when returning the item?

1. If the seller receives the returned items but refuses to refund you, please Message silver express .
2. In order to ensure the seller receives returned items and we can release the refund to you swiftly, please check the following points before shipment:
* Please pack the items well to keep them in the original condition you received them
* Remember to include the "Seller's ID", "Order No." and “Returned Goods" on the parcel
* EMS (USPS in the USA and Parcelforce in the UK)is recommended for delivery because it is comparatively cheaper and safer than other delivery companies
* Please provide a photo of the shipping details, including the shipping label and a tracking number, etc. within 7 days after seller has provided you with a return address in your silver express account.
Why can’t I use express shipping when returning parcels back to China?

Parcels may be held in customs if express shipping such as DHL, UPS, FEDEX and TNT are used for returns. Please contact the seller for additional shipping options.
I returned items with a clear tracking number, why do I still need to upload shipping documents?
This is to ensure that the seller receives your returned package without any problems. And leave a message to the seller after you have returned the items.

It takes 3-7 working days for the package travel from our facilities to your destination, the exact shipping time is based on the shipping company (UPS, DHL, TNT, Fedex, etc) standard and the shipping method you have chosen.

We will send you an email once your order has been dispatched, containing details on how to track your order online.

We are not liable for any delays and/or failures in delivery if we cannot gain access to the delivery address or under any other circumstances beyond our reasonable control.